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Liquid illuminator for mixing with any foundations.

✓ Micronized pearlescent pigments and delicate shimmer mixed with foundations make the face radiant, youthful and healthy appearance
✓ Simply add a touch of illuminator to any foundation to give it a glowing effect.
✓ Light formula enriched with vitamin E additionally nourishes and regenerates the epidermis.
✓ Also recommended for strobbing. Applied directly to the skin gives an intense effect of a beautiful mirror surface. Use on cheekbones, cupid bow, eyebrow arches, nose and neckline


How to use: Just mix a few drops of the Illuminator with your foundation to add a beautiful healthy glow to your skin.
  • Mix just before putting on the skin - do not add product directly to the packaging of foundation
  • It does not change the properties of foundation formula
  • You can mix with all types of liquid or cream foundations

Foundation ILLUMINATOR Glow Effect

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