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As an agent, you become an independent entrepreneur to build a sustainable foundation for your financial independence. We at Mansoori Pharma provide you high-quality products from HEAN. On top, you will receive in-depth training, knowledge and all necessary documents to build a strong foundation of your new independence to empower your family and achieve a higher life standard.

In Blüte
Image by Muhammad Faiz Zulkeflee


Becoming an agent has truly helped me to afford many things that I was hoping to have and to support my family. After a short period of time, I made enough money to purchase an iPhone. 

Image by M.T ElGassier


After seeing and trying the products, I fell in love with the products so I decided to give my family and friends the chance to have access to these great products. 

Image by Michael Dam


After trying HEAN for the first time, I was convinced that high-quality products with such affordability will be very successful. So I became an agent.

I was right!


If want to become an agent join us!

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Thanks a lot!

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