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7 TIMES CARE for EVERY DAY - Get2Know Offer with 25% more content


The solution for everyday challenges to keep a perfect smile - 7 Times Care:      


1. Caries protection 

2. Soft cleansing

3. Tartar protection 

4. Gum care 

5. Cervical caries protection 

6. Fresh breath 

7. Remineralize the enamel​




Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age and use only pea-sized amounts of tooth-gel.

In case of intolerance discontinue use immediately.

Consult your dentist or doctor if you take additional fluoride.


Constains sodium flouride (1450 ppm F-)


EAN 4270001640604

Lux Dent 7in1

SKU: 4270001640604
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